25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity

Designed as a home away from home, the cabins and all of the rooms at the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity are warm and cosy. Features and materials inspired by the harbour and shipbuilding are interpreted with tongue-in-cheek humour and held together with sailors’ yarns: 25 seafarers from around the world tell real-life stories of dangerous voyages, romantic encounters, violent storms and painful farewells. Anecdotal accessories and objects refer to these adventures, which are told in full in each cabin’s logbook. The port and the sea. Industry and romance. Cabins and log books. The Port of Hamburg with its overseas shipping containers and the mighty Elbe river don’t just provide a backdrop for the 25hours Hotel Hamburg HafenCity; they are all part of it. The Hamburg-based Stephen Williams Associates, in cooperation with Eventlabs, storyteller Markus Stoll and set designer Conni Kotte were all responsible for the interior design. In the central HafenCity district, guests can quench their thirst for travel in their authentic bunks. Sailors’ yarns and a history of the port included. The ground floor of the 25hours Hotel HafenCity aspires to be a living room for the whole neighbourhood, and can be a relaxed lounge or a bustling bar, depending on the time of day. The HEIMAT Kitchen+Bar serves your favourite dishes made from responsibly-sourced ingredients.

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